I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his style of Coaching. I improved tremendously just in 2 sessions and plan on continuing my training with him. He is a phenomenal coach and being a coach myself I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to shoot competitively or anyone learning how to truly defend themselves. He has taught me practical and proper etiquette on handling my everyday carry. His education has been invaluable in case I find myself in a situation that warrants using deadly force. He shares an absolute passion for what he does and brings five star expertise with his credentials, experience, and background.

-P.J. N.

This was awesome training! I had never touched a gun before in my life and I feel confident now. No matter what skills you come with or without, Mike and Angela are excellent!! They took their time and didn't make me feel like I had any stupid questions. Angela worked at my pace while Mike worked on speed and accuracy with my husband (who has much more practice with guns than I do). They both made me feel comfortable and gave great advice. My husband and I will definitely be coming back!!! Thanks!!

Stephanie L.

My sister, Nephew, and I wanted to learn the fundamentals of guns and the safety of guns. Angela and Mike were my first choice in this endeavor. I have know Angela for close to 30 years! I have always been a bit nervous around guns and wanted to take this step with someone I knew and felt most comfortable with a woman teaching me. She and her parnter Mike were patient and understanding of our fears. Within an hour of walking us through the mechanics of the weapons we were comfortable loading, unloading, and ultimately shooting. I can’t thank them enough for taking a life long phobia of guns, loud noises, and unfounded fear away from me. Thank you both so much. I can’t wait to get back out there.

Jessica C.

Top notch firearms instruction! Mike was able to help correct deficiencies in my accuracy and stance and I was able to see substantial improvement after just one class. Looking forward continuing to train and learn from one of he best!

Chris B.

I had a great experience with my instructor, Mike. Not only was extremely informative, he also showed patience and tailored each portion of the training to the shooters abilities, ensuring maximum effectiveness of training time. I would recommend this course to any shooter, experienced or amateur.

Joshua C.

Learning to shoot with amazing instructors, Angela and Mike. Had a great time and left feeling a lot more comfortable and confident. Anyone looking to learn and or improve shooting skills this is the place to go!

Stephanie H.

Mike is an incredibly knowledgeable, respectful, direct, organized, and efficient instructor. I would highly recommend any of his courses for any level of training. Look no further!

Ari L.