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It's refreshing to find an organization (Premier Firearms Training) and people (Mike and Angela) who know their stuff inside and out. It is even better when those people, and that organization are so good at what they do that they instantly set your mind at ease, and you know that you are getting a top notch program from start to finish. My wife and I took the three hour 'Private Instruction' course last weekend. Mike and Angela had everything ready to go. Their presentation was well organized, easy to follow, and navigated a logical path from start to finish. The emphasis on safety was ever present, and the body of knowledge gained was just what we were looking for.
So if you're a rookie just getting started, or a seasoned pro looking to brush up your skills, you can't go wrong with the good folks at Premier Firearms Training. Rest assured you'll be in good hands!  -Russ J.


Angela and Mike are BOTH GREAT! I took my first class for conceal carry license. I was nervous and shaking and not sure I even liked the gun. I am now in advanced classes and find I am very relaxed with the gun (but it took a few classes). Angela and Mike are both great at evaluating how you are taking the shot to correct mistakes before they become bad habits. They both really care that YOU are comfortable and proficient with your gun. -H. Brown

The wives asked us to tag along while Angela taught them how to shoot pistols. What an experience! Angela took two women who had never fired any type of gun, were never even “taught” anything about shooting by their husbands, and taught them all the rules and how tos in two hours or less. Then Angela had them punching out the centers (more or less) of targets with various pistols for the next hour. You should have seen their broad smiles and confident struts as they exited the range. Angela is a fantastic teacher!  - John M.

Absolutely amazing, that's what I have to say about the training provided by premier. The amount of time and dedication that is provided to help your skills is more than money can buy. If you are a new shooter or someone who avidly goes to the range and wants to get better you have to book a class with them. It will change your whole perspective on how to shoot properly, accurately, and most of all safely. I look forward to going back to them soon, and if you have any sense about you then I'd highly suggest booking a class. -John P.

I was looking for a place to sharpen my shooting skills and get more confident with everyday carry gun. Am I happy to report I have found a place. Very knowledgeable with all things gun and safty. I bought the 5 class package for my birthday and I’m glad I did. I started with beginner class and was extremely amazed how much I improved just the first day. Mike and Angela are very good at teaching, and are very down to earth which makes it a lot more fun. Their teaching style will help you remember the important things and understand how and what not to do and it will stick with you. I’m now starting advanced classes and I can’t wait. You can’t go wrong with Premier firearms training llc.  -Val K.

Great experience! Mike and Angela provided a comprehensive course that made me smarter and more capable with a firearm. They helped identify areas for improvement and recommended adjustments in my technique while keeping things fun. Highly recommend. Will be taking more courses. -Julian G.

Purchased this 3 hour 1 on 1 training class for my wife with Angela. Angela is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. If you're looking for a class to send your wife to Premier firearm training Is an excellent choice. Thanks again  -Dom A.

A truly amazing experience. Angela and Mike are two fun yet at the same time no nonsense instructors who really get the job done. I learned more in three hours with them than I have in countless hours by myself at the range. For anyone who wants to learn something new, be pushed in a way they probably don't think is possible, and come out the other side a better shooter (mentally and physically), take the advanced course. You'll thank me later! Looking forward to the next lesson for sure!!! THANKS!   -Dave D.

This was awesome training! I had never touched a gun before in my life and I feel confident now. No matter what skills you come with or without, Mike and Angela are excellent!! They took their time and didn't make me feel like I had any stupid questions. Angela worked at my pace while Mike worked on speed and accuracy with my husband (who has much more practice with guns than I do). They both made me feel comfortable and gave great advice. My husband and I will definitely be coming back!!! Thanks!!  -Stephanie L.

My sister, Nephew, and I wanted to learn the fundamentals of guns and the safety of guns. Angela and Mike were my first choice in this endeavor. I have know Angela for close to 30 years! I have always been a bit nervous around guns and wanted to take this step with someone I knew and felt most comfortable with a woman teaching me. She and her parnter Mike were patient and understanding of our fears. Within an hour of walking us through the mechanics of the weapons we were comfortable loading, unloading, and ultimately shooting. I can’t thank them enough for taking a life long phobia of guns, loud noises, and unfounded fear away from me. Thank you both so much. I can’t wait to get back out there. -Jessica C.

Top notch firearms instruction! Mike was able to help correct deficiencies in my accuracy and stance and I was able to see substantial improvement after just one class. Looking forward continuing to train and learn from one of he best! -Chris B.

Learning to shoot with amazing instructors, Angela and Mike. Had a great time and left feeling a lot more comfortable and confident. Anyone looking to learn and or improve shooting skills this is the place to go! -Stephanie H.

I had a great experience with my instructor, Mike. Not only was extremely informative, he also showed patience and tailored each portion of the training to the shooters abilities, ensuring maximum effectiveness of training time. I would recommend this course to any shooter, experienced or amateur. -Joshua C.

This was my our training lesson with my wife.  Mike with Premier firearms training did an amazing job with both of us. She took the basic and I did the advanced to better my skills competitive shooting skills. Mike is an outstanding instructor and we will definitely be back for another session soon. Thanks Mike for everything! -Dane S.

Mike is an incredibly knowledgeable, respectful, direct, organized, and efficient instructor. I would highly recommend any of his courses for any level of training. Look no further!  -Ari L.

I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his style of Coaching. I improved tremendously just in 2 sessions and plan on continuing my training with him. He is a phenomenal coach and being a coach myself I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to shoot competitively or anyone learning how to truly defend themselves. He has taught me practical and proper etiquette on handling my everyday carry. His education has been invaluable in case I find myself in a situation that warrants using deadly force. He shares an absolute passion for what he does and brings five star expertise with his credentials, experience, and background. -P.J. N.


Took the advanced course and loved it. Really amazing course with even better people instructing it. Challenging and rewarding at the same time. Can't wait to get back out there for round 2! -Dave D.

Mike and Angela are an awesome teaching team. Really great at explaining everything and building my confidence. -Beth L.

Mike Hughes is an exceptional instructor. He breaks things down simply so you can apply it correctly. I highly recommend him. He's clear, to the point, and happy to answer questions along the way. If you're wanting the best, book him. You'll be glad you did.  -Mandy D.

Very informative and great instructor, learned alot and feel more comfortable with my weapon. Highly recommend. -Jackie P.

On Saturday my wife and I had a 3 hour training to get our certificate to get our concealed weapons permit. Mike Hughes was the instructor and did an outstanding job in giving us the basics in how to handle guns and shooting. I highly recommend Mike to get your firearm training. -Ernst U.

My dad and I went to this class Saturday Feb 29th. We had a great experience with Mike Hughes.  I have gone to classes in the past but of course never finished the paperwork. So this time I decided to go through with the class again. The say you get what you pay for is so true. I could of paid 60.00 dollars somewhere else, but  I would have never gotten the full dedication and education I received in Mr. Hughes class. I am happy I went with my my gut instincs. We went into this class thinking we knew all about shooting, but boy we were definitely wrong. I have to admit I'm pretty embarrassed on how much I did not know. I am extremely happy I attended his class and will be attending more of his classes in the future. -Chris M.

They say "you don’t know what you don’t know" and this weekend I found out all of the things I didn’t know that I was desperately seeking to understand. 45 minutes with Angela and Mike and the murky world of shooting stages in a match began to make sense. There are 1000 things a new shooter is trying to mentally keep track of while trying to hit a target. Things that are not memorized nor is the muscle memory refined. It seems every step takes immense concentration. But in 45 minutes I understood more, than I ever thought I would in a year of matches. It’s not so hard to learn something once you know what it is you are “supposed to learn“. They did all of that for me in only 45 minutes it was awesome!!!  Their knowledge of shooting is only eclipsed slightly by their remarkable gift of teaching. They seem to have an innate understanding of how to get you to "get it". I could write a 100 page essay today with everything I they got me to understand in just 45 minutes! -Sharie G.

I had the best day training with Angela and Mike they are pleasure to work with and I learned a lot looking forward to my next lesson. -Tracey C. 


Angela is an excellent instructor, able to customize instruction to the needs of the student/group. -JJ R.

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