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Tactical Pistol and Rifle Class

Dynamic Two-Gun Training: Rifle and Pistol Integration

  • 4 hr
  • 250 US dollars

Course Description

This intensive four-hour course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency in handling both rifles and pistols in stressful scenarios. Students will learn essential techniques for seamlessly transitioning between their primary rifle and secondary pistol, as well as effectively engaging multiple targets with precision and speed. This course is ideal for individuals looking to elevate their skills in both rifle and pistol shooting, whether for personal defense, law enforcement, or competitive shooting. Emphasis will be placed on safety protocols and best practices to ensure a safe and secure training environment for all students. • Weapon Familiarization: Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of both rifle and pistol platforms, including proper handling, and operation. • Transitions Techniques: Through hands-on drills and simulations, students will master smooth and efficient transitions between their rifles and pistols, ensuring seamless adaptability in rapidly evolving situations. • Multiple Target Engagement: Techniques for accurately engaging multiple targets will be taught, including target prioritization, effective shot placement, and rapid target acquisition. • Speed and Accuracy: Students will refine their marksmanship skills under pressure, learning to balance speed and precision when engaging targets with rifles and pistols. • Movement and Positioning: Strategies for dynamic movement and optimal positioning will be explored, empowering students to maintain situational awareness while on the move and effectively utilize cover and concealment. • Tactical Decision Making: Through scenario-based training exercises, students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to make informed tactical decisions in high-stress environments. Prerequisites: • Students must have prior experience with both rifle and pistol shooting. • Proficiency with firearm handling and safety protocols is required. • Students must arrive with all optics zeroed. If you need assistance with zeroing your pistol or rifle optics, you can take our Basic Handgun or Basic AR-15 Rifle class prior to signing up for this course. Equipment required: • Pistol with OWB holster • AR-15 with sling • Magazines with pouches (minimum 2 for rifle, 2 for pistol) • Eye Protection • Ear Protection • Ammunition: 300 rounds pistol, 300 rounds rifle

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things happen and plans sometimes change. If you need to reschedule your session, you may do so up to 24 hours prior to your session without being charged the full session rate.

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